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How To Overcome Sadness With Essential Oils

How To Overcome Sadness 2

When I’m in a bad mood or feeling a little down, this is one of my go to blends to help pick me back up. This is a simple natural solution on how to overcome sadness using essential oils.

How To Overcome Sadness 2

This blend helps save my mood and is such a simple combination and easy to apply with a roller bottle.??? I put 20 drops each of frankincense and wild orange in a roller bottle then fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. ??

I like to rub the rub the insides of my wrists, back of my neck, and finish up by rubbing in the palms of my hand and then breathing in deeply.

The oils go into the limbic part of the brain which controls the mood and emotions so inhaling the oils is a very effective way to boost your mood very quickly.✅

This seriously help me out everytime and it’s good to know that I can manage stress a lot better with this blend.? We could all use this from time to time right?

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