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How To Find A doTERRA Consultant (Or Become One) 😍💧

find a doterra consultant

This post and video is going to show you how to find a doTERRA Consultant and the top 4 things you should look for.

find a doterra consultant


Did You Know?

When you’re trying to find a doTERRA Consultant there’s a few things that you should look for that will ensure you have a more positive experience with your first purchase and every purchase after that. This also means NOT enrolling with the first person you see online or locally in your area, it’s more important to do your own research and interview people (formally or informally). 


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that isn’t getting the support they need? Would you like to work with someone that will help your health get to the next level? Make sure to watch the video below to learn more about all of that!


What To Look For In A doTERRA Consultant

1.) Do you KNOW them? This includes the basics of where they are from, their work history, their educational background, and most importantly, WHY they are doing what they are doing. That “Why” should have helping people and product education NOT “Money” as a motivator. You are a person, NOT a transaction.


2.) Do you LIKE them? Do you feel comfortable in their presence and do you enjoy talking with them or hearing from them? This includes in person and videos as well.


3.) Do you TRUST them? Do you feel that they have YOUR best interests in mind or are they just looking out for their own best interest? You can tell this by looking at what comes out their mouth. If they are more interested in understanding what your health priorities are and finding natural solutions for that when you are ready, then you have found someone special. Keywords: “when you are ready.”


4.) Do they provide EXCELLENT Customer Service? This includes their response time and attitude. World class response time is within 24 hours but within 48 hours is more reasonable. Do they have a positive attitude without making exaggerated claims? You need someone that is going to keep it real, but be kind as well.


How To Become A doTERRA Consultant OR Wholesale Customer

1.) Option 1: Essential Oil Kit
a.) Wholesale Customer (Live) OR
b.) Wellness Advocate (Share/Build)


– Waives $35 U.S. membership fee
– Save the most money over retail
– Prepares you for emergencies
2.) Option 2: Wholesale Membership
a.) Wholesale Customer (Live) OR
b.) Wellness Advocate (Share/Build)


– $35 U.S. Membership fee
– Save some money over retail
– Pick oils a la carte


In Summary

You want to work with someone that you know, like, and trust when it comes to finding a doTERRA Consultant. You also want to think about how you want to get started when you are ready and have a couple options depending on what your needs and goals are.


Bottom Line: You want to go with someone who is focused on teaching and sharing and NOT recruiting and selling!


What Are My Next Steps?

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