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Marvelous Face Reflexology Chart


The face reflexology chart in the video below is a great way to look into your body through your face to see what’s going on and what you can do about it!



Did You Know?

Face Reflexology is the process of applying pressure to specific areas (or reflex points) on your face in order to have a beneficial effect on your health. Your face can tell you a lot of things!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has a lot of pimples, breakouts, or age spots on their face? Would you like to have a more even complexion or youthful appearance? Make sure to watch the video below to learn more. 


Top 3 Benefits Of This Face Reflexology Chart

1.) Support your kidneys and bladder: My forehead tells me a lot about what is going on with these two filtering organs. When I am not drinking enough water or not doing my green smoothies then these organs get backed up and breakouts show up on my face!


2.) Support your liver: The liver is an often overlooked organ, but the tops of my lip and middle of my forehead tell me what’s going on with my body now that I know what my body is saying!


3.) Support your gallbladder and stomach: I feel like I eat really healthy but I have the gift and curse of my health priorities showing up on my face as a warning sign. I’m just glad I know how to read things now so I don’t get a stressed out about how my face looks anymore.


This Video Goes Best With

1.) Foot reflexology chart part 1 and part 2: Your feet get stepped on all day (pun intended, lol) and learning how you can support your body through tops, sides, and bottoms of your feet is key.


2.) Hand reflexology part 1 and part 2: Your tops and palms of your hands can definitely tell a story or be a gateway into your body. The choice is up to you!


3.) Teeth reflexology chart: I never knew that my teeth were tied to different parts of my body, but it makes sense since there’s blood vessels connected to the roots of the teeth. Your body is so amazing!


In Summary

Using face reflexology with essential oils can further support your organs and body systems since your face will tell you what is really going on. I love how I don’t have to feel stressed out about not knowing what is happening, but now I feel empowered more so about how to support my body in the area that needs it the most.


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