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Phenomenal Essential Oils Of The Bible Overview (Part 1)

essential oils of the bible part 1

These essential oils of the bible are amazing to learn about since we can still use those today!

essential oils of the bible part 1


Did You Know?

Essential oils have been used all throughout history for their therapeutic health benefits and the bible talks a lot about that all too! Getting back to the basics and using what God made has never been so awesome!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to learn more about the Bible or essential oils? Would you like to see how essential oils can improve your health and wellness? Make sure to watch the video below to learn more!


Top 3 Facts About Essential Oils Of The Bible

1.) Essential oils were used by Moses and were referenced in the book of Exodus when the Lord referred to holy Anointing Oil since it was a specific formula that God recommended.


2.) This formula was used to anoint Priests and Kings: Myrrh (6 kg), Cinnamon (3 kg), Calamus (3 kg), Cassia (6 kg), Olive Oil (7 kg)


3.) This Anointing Oil was poured onto their head as they were prayed for. This wasn’t just a ritual, but this oil was also known to have health benefits too.


This Video Goes Best With

1.) Essential Oils of the Bible Part 2: This video covers how Cinnamon, Frankincense, Hyssop, Spikenard and Cedarwood were used to help people with their health.


2.) Essential Oils of the Bible Part 3: This video really goes into how Frankincense and Myrrh were used and how they could help during pregnancy as well!


3.) Essential Oils of the Bible Part 4: This video shows how essential oils spread throughout Europe and how Catholics used them to get rid of funky smells!


In Summary

The most popular and well known essential oils of the bible include frankincense and myrrh, but there are many other ones as well! Make sure to tune into my other video for more oil education!


What Are My Next Steps?

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