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Top 16 Essential Oils For Pregnancy

essential oils for pregnancy

For all the preganant mommas out there, I have included a complete list of essential oils that are safe for you! ?? These essential oils for pregnancy will really help out!

essential oils for pregnancy

I had a number of women who were unsure about which oils would be okay for them to use and wanted to provide a quick and easy resource that could be easily shared.?

The number of drops used and frequency of use will be very important too.?

1.) Breathe
2.) Citrus Bliss
3.) Elevation
4.) Frankincense
5.) Geranium
6.) Ginger
7.) Grapefruit
8.) Lavender
9.) Lemon
10.) Melaleuca
11.) Peppermint
12.) Roman Chamomile
13.) Sandalwood
14.) Serenity
15.) Wild Orange
16.) Ylang Ylang

I hope this helps all the pregnant mommas out there (or soon to be pregnant mommas, I haven’t forgot about you either)!??

Tag all your pregnant momma friends, they will definitely appreciate you for thinking of them!?


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