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Top 9 Essential Oils For Diffuser


These are some of the best essential oils for the diffuser that you can find! They help uplift your mood, support your immune system, and promote better sleep.



Did You Know?

Studies show that up to 75% of emotions are triggered by smell, which is linked to pleasure, well being, emotion, and memory.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to boost their mood, memory, and immune system? Would you like a natural and non-toxic way to clean the air and make it smell good? These oils are awesome for that!

Top 9 Essential Oils For Diffuser

1.) Wild orange: This also known as the happy or oil of abundance because it helps to uplift your mood so well!


2.) Lemon: This has a very refreshing and clean scent that always lifts my spirits!


3.) Elevation blend: This is the joyful blend and contains a number of essential oil that help with feeling more happy and cheerful.


4.) Peppermint: This oil is amazing for helping you stay alert, focused, and boost immunity when seasonal threats are high. It always opens up my airways too!


5.) On Guard: This is great to handle a scratchy throat and is great as a stronger hand cleaner (especially after using a public bathroom or shaking hands).


6.) Breathe: I love using this if I’m starting to come down with something since it promotes clear breathing and is very great opening up your airways.


7.) Lavender: This a great oil that is known for its calming abilities and helps promote a better night’s sleep as well.


8.) Serenity: I love this blend since it’s similar to lavender (since it has some in it), but also contains some other oils that help reduce stress and promote a better night’s rest.


9.) Balance: This actually combines well with Serenity in a diffuser or in the palms of your hands and has an awesome grounding effect too.


In Summary

There’s lots of essential oils that you could use for your diffuser, but these help the 3 major health priorities which is uplifting your mood, boosting your immunity, and getting a better night’s sleep. Using 3-5 drops in a 4 hour diffuser or 6-10 drops in a 8 hour diffuser works best.


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