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How To Get A Free Essential Oil Sample


An essential oil sample is a great way to have an experience with the oils so that you can improve your quality of life!



Did You Know?

There’s lots of essential oil samples to choose from and the possibilities are almost endless based on what you’re interested in or what health priority you want to address.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to try a sample of an essential oil? Are you open to joining an essential oil class and learning more about natural solutions? Watch the video below to learn more!


Top 3 Benefits Of An Essential Oil Sample

1.) Experience the oils for yourself: There’s no better way to have an experience then to put a drop in the palms of your hands, rub them together, then breathe them in. This is where the magic happens!


2.) Find out what works for you: I like to say that essential oils won’t help with everything, but they can help with something. There’s a little fine tuning involved since everybody is a little bit different, but once you find something that works, it becomes your go to oil!


3.) Get excited about other oils: There’s over 70 different single oils and blends so there’s bound to be something that can help you or take your experience to the next level!


An Essential Oil Sample Goes Best With

1.) An essential oil class: This is the first step to getting a sample and this is the best way to feel empowered about using the oils to maximize your experience.


2.) A follow up on what you liked most about the sample: I like to follow up 2-3 days after you receive a sample to see how it worked for you or if you had any questions on how to use it. This is a great time to learn more about how to best use your sample!


3.) An enrollment kit: Once you are ready, an essential oil kit will be the next best step since it waives the $35 membership fee and helps you to be prepared for life’s little emergencies!


In Summary

Essential oil samples are a great way to “try before you buy.” It’s more about having an experience with the oils so that you can eventually replace what’s in your home with natural solutions that are safe, effective, and affordable.


What Are My Next Steps?

The first thing to do is sign up for my FREE 4 part essential oil class online so you can learn more about natural solutions TODAY!
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