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Outstanding Ear Reflexology Chart


This ear reflexology chart in the video is an awesome way to see what area of your body you can support and use the ears as a biological gateway!



Did You Know?

Ear Reflexology is about applying pressure to specific areas (or reflex points) on your ear in order to have a beneficial effect on your health. Talk about news to your ears, lol!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has a lot of ear piercings or has a lot of gunk in their ear canal? Would you like a natural way to support your body through your ears? Make sure to watch the video below to learn more about ear reflexology!


Top 3 Benefits Of This Ear Reflexology Chart

1.) Support your brain: This part of your ear is important to address so you can reduce stress or help your mind get in the mood for sleep. Using essential oils can further help this process.


2.) Support your organs of elimination: Your kidneys, liver, and gallbladder can be supported or detoxed with a combination of reflexology from a trained specialist and using essential oils.


3.) You can support your intestines, colon, lungs and other body parts that are hard to get to from other means. Your ears are like a gateway into your body and can tell you if something is up to!


This Video Goes Best With

1.) Iridology chart: This is the practice of having your eyes looked into and then getting recommendations from a trained specialist on what you need to do differently from a diet and lifestyle standpoint based on organs that need support.


2.) Spinal nerve function chart: Your spine is the last way to see how your body is talking to you. Having a trained specialist look over your spine and then provide you some recommendation on what you can do better will be key.


3.) Foot reflexology: Your feet get stepped on all day, but you can support your body organs and body systems in a real way through the tops, sides, and bottoms of your feet. How cool is that?!


In Summary

Using ear reflexology with essential oils can further support your organs and body systems (just make sure to avoid the ear canal when applying oils!). Your ears are an amazing entry point for the rest of your body and can tell you what’s going on if you know what to look for.


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