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Sensational doTERRA VS Young Living Supplements For 2nd Month Order

doterra vs young living supplements for 2nd month order

The doTERRA VS Young Living Supplements comparison shows how you can take your health to the next level in your 2nd month, 3rd month, and on!

doterra vs young living supplements for 2nd month order


Did You Know?


Choosing the right supplements for your 2nd month order as wholesale member on the rewards program for doTERRA or Young Living is the best way to develop a lifestyle of wellness and has helped me be more proactive with my health priorities!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that is open to more natural supplements? Would you like to learn about what doTERRA and Young Living have to offer from a supplement standpoint? Check out the video below to learn all that and then some!


Top 5 doTERRA Supplements For Your 2nd Month Order

1.) Microplex VMz: Contains Vitamins, Minerals, & the Tummy Tamer Blend. These are important for making sure your body gets the nutrient gaps filled in from what you don’t get from your food (even if you eat organic, non-gmo, and mostly plant based since our soils are so depleted of nutrients).


2.) Alpha CRS+: Contains plant based Antioxidants & the Tummy Tamer Blend to protect your cells from free radicals and support your digestive function.


3.) xEO Mega: Contains marine and plant based Omega 3-6-9’s & 9 different essential oils to reduce tired muscles and joint achiness.


4.) PB Assist+ (Reduced Price): Contains Prebiotics & 6 Strains of Probiotics to repopulate your gut flora and support your immune system with more of the good guys!


5.) TerraZyme (Reduced Price): Contains 10 different digestive enzymes that break down fats, carbs, proteins, and fibers so your digestive tract can properly absorb nutrients from the foods that you eat that are cooked.


*Note: When you buy 1 Lifelong Vitality Pack or doTERRA Daily Nutrient Pack as a part of the Loyalty Rewards Program, you can choose up to 3 additional supplements at even deeper discounts!


Top 4 Young Living Supplements For Your 2nd Month Order

1.) Master Formula: Contains Vitamins, Minerals, & Prebiotics to fill in the gaps from what you don’t get from your food.


2.) Longevity: Contains Antioxidants & essential oils to support healthy cell proliferation and protection from free radical damage.


3.) Omegagize 3: Contains Omega 3’s & essential oils to help support your brain, joint, and muscle functions.


4.) Life 9: Contains 9 Strains of Probiotics to build up the beneficial bacteria in your small intestines and support your immune function.


In Summary

doTERRA and Young Living are more than just essential oil companies. They are wellness companies and specialize in a number of supplements that can help you with your energy, digestion, and brain function.


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