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How To Handle doTERRA VS Young Living Haters (Part 3)

doterra vs young living haters part 3

This doTERRA VS Young Living Haters video is part 3 of the mini-series and covers my reasonable responses to an individual that brought up some interesting points. 

doterra vs young living haters part 3


Did You Know?

There’s some interesting objections that come up when it comes to doTERRA’s FDA approval for internal use, CPTG standard, and how people support their point of view. 


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that is questioning doTERRA from a internal use of oils or CPTG standpoint? Would you like to learn what the dealio is? Make sure to watch the video below to get the full scoop!


Top 3 Objections About doTERRA Essential Oils

1.) Objection #1: “The FDA does not approve any of doterra’s products (have a look at the very bottom right of this page as an example, and you will see the statement.”


Reasonable Response #1: The area you pointed out in your comment refers to the “benefits” section NOT the internal use of essential oils section.


doTERRA’s oils that have the supplement facts on them are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for internal use, which is a part of the FDA standard for supplements. doTERRA goes far and above this standard with their 3rd party testing and Source To You Website to verify the quality of every bottle.



2.) Objection #2: “CPTG is a phrase that doterra coined as a very clever marketing tool. Essentials are not graded, never have been.”


Reasonable Response #2: The essential oil industry is not regulated therefore the oils you get on store shelves almost always contain: alcohol solvents (most common), pesticide, herbicides, contaminants, fillers, or oils from plants not even listed on the bottle in order to extract the oils quicker and cheaper.


Moreover, doTERRA established the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils as a way to go above and beyond store shelf, online brand, and homemade oil quality so you can get consistent results every time. In business it’s called a competitive advantage or key differentiator, not a marketing term.


Source Website #2: Why doTERRA CPTG Makes A Difference


3.) Objection #3: “I’ve included links to 3 websites with information backing up my statement, they are a good read. You may want to rethink what you put on your video.”


Reasonable Response #3: This is an example of confirmation bias and involves searching websites that only support your conclusions. I would recommend looking up other websites that look at both sides better and are more objective. ANYONE can find information that only supports their stance on the internet. They key is to be objective and self-aware while doing it. The videos I made below will help with that.


This Video Goes Best With

1.) doTERRA VS Young Living Haters (Part 1): This video covers the topics of presuppositions ruling the day, cognitive dissonance, and confirmation bias. Most people have zero self awareness when it comes to these things (including myself) until you educate yourself properly.


2.) doTERRA VS Young Living Haters (Part 2): This video covers categories of misperception including misinformation and misinterpretation. This video also goes over reasonable vs unreasonable people and why Charlie Munger words of wisdom are so amazing from a self-awareness standpoint.


3.) How To Handle doTERRA Haters: This video covers why doTERRA is NOT a pyramid scheme, how doTERRA got started (in a nutshell), and why you do not have to sell the oils (being a wholesale customer is what most people do).


In Summary

At the end of the day, haters are gonna hate and there’s nothing you can do about it. Haters don’t consider themselves haters more often than not and have very valid points however they typically lack self-awareness, lack having all the facts (from both sides), lack accurate facts, or lack the ability to interpret the items above objectively. This causes them to come to false conclusions which isn’t healthy for anyone.


I’m not saying I do those things above perfectly (I’m far from it, trust me), I just acknowledge that there’s a lot more to it than being “right” and trying to “win” a argument.


What Are My Next Steps?

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