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Achieve Ideal Weight With doTERRA Trim Shake Chocolate


The doTERRA Trim Shake Chocolate combines different types of proteins to support your body when you are working out and moving towards your ideal weight.



Did You Know?

This protein powder is blend of whey, pea, and rice proteins that support your body’s protein needs which is important during exercise and weight management to build lean body tissue such as muscles!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like a healthier body weight? Would you like to replace a store bought protein powder with something that is higher quality? This protein powder is a great solution for you then!


How To Use The doTERRA Trim Shake Chocolate

– Blend 1 scoop of chocolate shake mix in a ½ cup of coconut, almond, cashew, or rice milk until smooth and creamy.


– This also blends well with 1/3 greens, 1/3 fruit, and 1/3 nut milk or water in a high powered blender for more nutrient density.


The doTERRA Trim Shake Goes Best With

1.) Eating Right: When you eat more live and whole plant foods, you’re body gets more of what it needs from a nutrient standpoint. These include vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega 3’s, and enzymes (if the plant foods are raw).


2.) Cutting Out Processed Foods: Processed foods don’t support a healthy metabolism, appetite, or hormonal balance. Eating processed foods, fast foods, and packaged goods leaves your body wanting more since they are void of nutrients (the thing our body really wants).


3.) Consistent Exercise: Exercising at least 2-3 times per week (3-4 times ideally) for 30 minutes to an hour is ideal. You want to work up a sweat and get your heart rate up enough where you start to burn calories. Make sure to drink at least half your body weight in ounces (or more) when working out.


In Summary

The doTERRA Trim Shake Chocolate is a great substitute for the store bought whey protein brands because the Trim Shake contains plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, herbal stevia, and no junk ingredients. For best results, make sure to focus on eating more live and whole plant foods and exercising at several times per week for 30 minutes or more.


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