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doTERRA Scam Debunked


Is the doTERRA scam fact or fiction? I’ll cover that today and possibly recommend Dwight stop shouting things like this in the office, lol.



Did You Know?

doTERRA is NOT a scam and runs a product based company that is focused on education and empowerment. If you’ve heard otherwise, then please watch this video or read the rest of the info below.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that is hating on doTERRA? Are you skeptical about doTERRA and have you “done your own research?” Watch this video below to get the other side of the coin!


Let’s Get On The Same Page

1.) What is a scam?
– Definition: A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation
– Involves some level of sophistication on the front end and a victim on the back end (think Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme).
– Honest education is the opposite of fraud and deception


2.) Is doTERRA one of those “Pyramid Schemes” or a “Scam?”
– No, Pyramid Schemes are illegal and are a transaction of money for recruiting people
– doTERRA delivers REAL products in exchange for payment through education


3.) doTERRA Facts
– doTERRA started in 2008 with founders who had over 150 years of combined experience in the health and wellness industry
– doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world, debt free, and has over 4 million members!


This Video Goes Best With

1.) How to handle haters videos I created: This is like psychology 101 when it comes to understanding how people operate. This is the foundation for all my hater video series and sets the state for all the future learnings.


2.) How to handle essential oil haters video I created: This is going to either upset or empower you depending which side of the fence you are on. That’s why I created my other hater videos so you could feel more empowered with the truth!


3.) How to handle doTERRA haters: This is the prequel to this video above and talks about how doTERRA got started and how they run a legitimate and legal word of mouth education business. Oh yeah, they also offer essential oils. 😉


4.) How to handle network marketing haters video I created: Most people hate because they had a bad experience or “lost” money. The reality is that you have to treat each person, company, and product differently and realize you are investing in your health with the oils (they are not an “expense” per say).


In Summary

How many companies do you know that started and remained debt free? doTERRA’s ability to make financially responsible decisions for it customers, Wellness advocates, and partners speaks volumes about the integrity of the company and it’s founders. This is the reason why I am so passionate about supporting doTERRA in their mission in getting an oil in every home!


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