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doTERRA Oregano Essential Oil Uses

doterra oregano essential oil

doTERRA oregano essential is steam distilled from the leaves and definitely needs to be diluted when applying topically with a fractionated coconut oil, this thang is hot!


doterra oregano essential oil

Did You Know?

Oregano is a powerful and potent essential oil that packs a punch. It is very helpful at handling internal bugs and you don’t build up a resistance to it like with synthetic options.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has a stomach bug or is looking to boost their immunity? Do you need to help your skin recover more quickly or provide additional support for your body? Oregano is just the oil for you then!


Top 3 Uses Of Oregano Essential Oil

1.) Add 2 drops with fractionated coconut oil and apply to bottoms of feet for a natural defense. This is a good approach that addresses all body systems through your reflex points.


2.) Place 3-4 drops in veggie capsule for immune support or monthly GI health regimen. This is the best way to use oregano internally and not feel its wrath, lol.


3.) Add 1-2 drops in place of 1-2 ts sp of ground oregano herb in savory dishes like pasta sauces and soups. Your food dishes will never be the same!


doTERRA Oregano Essential Oil Blends Best With

1.) Thyme essential oil: This is a great oil for the skin and pairs nicely with oregano in culinary dishes that normally use the dried herb.


2.) Basil essential oil: 1 drop of basil and 1 drop of oregano oil in your italian dishes or pasta sauces kicks up the flavor and therapeutic value for sure!


3.) Clove essential oil: These two hot oils definitely need some dilution when applying them topically, less is more. Clove is amazing at supporting gum health.


In Summary

doTERRA oregano essential oil is a strong, resolving, and powerful oil that is jam packed with health benefits. Oregano oil blends well with thyme, basil, and clove.


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