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How To Use doTERRA Healthy Hold Hold Glaze

doterra healthy hold glaze

The doTERRA Healthy Hold Glaze is a great way to improve the health of your hair and provide it with some extra support after you’ve used the shampoo and conditioner.

doterra healthy hold glaze


Did You Know?

You can have the all in one benefits of hair health, shine, and a flexible hold with this hair glaze. This is a heat activated conditioning solution that leaves your hair with a healthy and soft style.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like more hold, shine, or hair health? Would you like an all natural solution that is going to leave your hair better than it was? The Healthy Hold Glaze is a great hair solution for your bathroom then!


How To Use The doTERRA Healthy Hold Glaze

– Apply Healthy Hold Glaze to clean and damp hair by squeezing a quarter sized amount into hands and work it into your hair.


Note: This can also be used on dry hair before using a heated styling tool.


The doTERRA Healthy Hold Glaze Goes Best With

1.) doTERRA Shampoo: This is a great replacement for the store bought solutions that have synthetic ingredients and SLS in them. The doTERRA shampoo will give your hair the protection it needs.


2.) doTERRA Conditioner: This conditioner is great to use after the shampoo and before the Healthy Hold Glaze. The doTERRA conditioner will give your hair a smooth and finished look.


3.) doTERRA Root To Tip Serum: This is great to use since it maximizes the strength of your hair. Using this after the conditioner is another great way to support your hair health.


In Summary

The doTERRA Healthy Hold Glaze is great for your hair since it provides a way for you to condition, smooth, and shine your hair up in an all natural way. You’ll have optimal results when used after the doTERRA Smoothing Conditioner.


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