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doterra hd clear oil blend

The doTERRA HD Clear oil blend is great for your skin and has a nice combination of oils that promote a more clear complexion.

doterra hd clear oil blend



Did You Know?

This blend is cleansing and calming to the skin and promotes a more even skin complexion. What you do to get clear skin should be what you do to keep it clear.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has blemishes, overactive oil glands, or pimples? Would you like more even and clear skin complexion? The HD Clear blend is a great natural solution for you then!


Top 3 Uses Of The doTERRA HD Clear Oil Blend

1.) Apply 1-2 swipes on face with fractionated coconut oil after showering to moisturize skin and overwhelm any bugs hiding in the pores. 


2.) Combine 1-2 drops lemon oil with one swipe of HD Clear blend and FCO on your face morning and night to help skin exfoliate.


3.) Apply 1-2 swipes of HD Clear on palms of hand with FCO and apply to whole body to promote clear skin all over.


The doTERRA HD Clear Oil Blends Best With

1.) Eating more whole plant foods: This will help to move bulk out through fiber and get the toxins out of your system.


2.) Drinking alkaline water: This will help to flush out toxins in your blood and organs of elimination and promote an internal environment of wellness.


3.) Managing stress better: When we get stressed, it affects our skin for sure. Using essential oils, working out, getting the right amount of sleep (7-9 hours), and eating right will all play a role in this area.


In Summary

The doTERRA HD Clear oil blend is cleansing, clearing, and sweet to your skin. The HD Clear blend contains Ho wood, melaleuca, litsea berry, eucalyptus globulus, geranium, and black cumin seed.


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