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doTERRA Eucalyptus Essential Oil Uses

doterra eucalyptus essential oil

doTERRA eucalyptus essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the plant and has many respiratory benefits and is great for more clear breathing.

doterra eucalyptus essential oil



Did You Know?

Eucalyptus was widely used in World Ware I to help with internal and external threats! This was especially important in helping the skin to recover quickly!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Have you ever had a little something in your nose and throat? Have your airways been blocked with the yellow and green stuff? Well eucalyptus is a great natural solution for 3 main reasons!


Top 3 Uses Of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

1.) Place a few drops in your morning shower to promote vitality. I love doing this because it’s like a life size diffuser just entered the room!


2.) Add 10 drops to 2oz glass spray bottle and spray down kitchen counters and bathroom surfaces. This is great at handling all those tiny little bugs that cause people to feel a little under the weather.


3.) Apply 1-2 drops with fractionated coconut oil on chest to open airways. This is the natural solution I turn to when I need extra support for my lungs!


Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blends Best With

1.) Rosemary essential oil: This wonderful oil helps with memory and is a great replacement for ground rosemary her since it has more therapeutic value for your cooking recipes and body.


2.) Peppermint essential oil: This oil is also great for opening up your airways and I like to use it since it freshens my breath too!


3.) Bergamot essential oil: Bergamot is the oil you want in your corner when you need more self confidence and reassurance. Eucalyptus and bergamot make a great dynamic duo!


In Summary

Eucalyptus essential oil has an enlivening, fresh, and clearing benefit to your body. Eucalyptus oil blends well with rosemary or peppermint too!


What Are My Next Steps?

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