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Repair DNA With doTERRA DDR Prime Oil Blend

doterra ddr prime oil blend

The doTERRA DDR Prime oil blend is the natural cellular solution for your body because it protects them from free radical damage.

doterra ddr prime oil blend


Did You Know?

This blend of essential oils has been shown in studies to help protect against free radical damage while supporting cellular function and promoting healthy cell proliferation. 


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has tight muscles and joints? Would you like to minimize damage to your cells and tissues? The DDR Prime oil blend is your liquid solution then!


Top 3 Uses Of The doTERRA DDR Prime Oil Blend

1.) Add 1-2 drops in a veggie capsule and consume morning and night with food and water. This is good to do every morning to support your cellular health.


2.) Combine 1-2 drops with fractionated coconut oil for a relaxing massage. The bottoms of the feet and back of the neck are a couple really great places to start.


3.) Diffuse 3-5 drops in a 4 hour diffuser. You could also use 6-10 drops in a 8 hour diffuser as well.


The doTERRA DDR Prime Oil Blends Best With

1.) DDR Prime Softgels: These are the pre-made capsules that already have the powerful benefits of DDR Prime in them for more convenience. This is a quick and easy solution that works great too.


2.) Frankincense essential oil: There’s a ton of research on this oil and it is great for taking internally or rubbing on tight muscles and joints with the DDR Prime oil blend for extra support.


3.) LifeLong Vitality Pack: This 3 pack supplement is helps with cellular energy, repairing cells, vitamins and minerals, and omega 3’s. These are all important at keeping you healthy from a cellular level.


In Summary

The doTERRA DDR Prime oil blend helps repair your DNA and damaged cells with powerful essential oils. These oils include; clove, thyme, wild orange, frankincense, lemongrass, summer savory, and niaouli.


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