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doTERRA Cilantro Essential Oil Uses

doterra cilantro essential oil

doTERRA cilantro essential oil has some great digestive, cleansing, and flavorful properties that I love! 

doterra cilantro essential oil



Did You Know?

Cilantro is related to parsley and coriander is extracted from the same plant as cilantro. Coriander is steam distilled from the seed and cilantro is extracted from the leaves.


The Main Problem That We All Face

You are exposed to over 1000 different chemicals in the air, food, water, and consumer products everyday. Being able to detox with a great essential oil is important. Cilantro oil offers this ability as well as many other health benefits.


Top 5 Cilantro Essential Oil Uses

1.) Rich in antioxidants: We all receive stress from our environment. Using oils like cilantro help your cells naturally with antioxidants.


2.) Aids digestion: Cilantro is great for digestive upset and stomach complaints. I like to use this oil whenever I have anything going on with my digestion.Cilantro Essential Oil


3.) Powerful cleanser and detoxifier: Cilantro is great at pulling toxins and heavy metals from your cells and organs of elimination. It’s a great addition to any natural detox program.


4.) Soothing to the skin: Has a nice cooling effect that is great for soothing ouchies and boo boos. Make sure to use fractionated coconut oil for young or sensitive skin.


5.) Gives food a fresh and tasty flavor: I love using this oil in salsas and guacamoles for its flavorful zest! 😀


Cilantro Essential Oil Blend Well With

1.) Melaleuca essential oil: This is also known as tea tree oil and is great for cleansing the skin and goes great with with cilantro as a natural cleanser.


2.) Basil essential oil: Basil helps with boosting your energy. Cilantro pairs up nicely with this leafy herb.


3.) Lemon essential oil: Lemon is known for it’s ability to detox your liver, kidneys, bladder, and lymphatics. Cilantro and lemon are a powerful combination.


In Summary

Cilantro essential oil has many different uses from amazing recipes to skin irritations. I love this oil since it’s so versatile and offers a lot of natural health benefits.


What Are My Next Steps?

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