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doTERRA Aroma Ace Diffuser Review

doterra aroma ace diffuser

The doTERRA Aroma Ace diffuser is a premium option that runs great in your kitchen or living room all day without water or heat.

doterra aroma ace diffuser


Did You Know?

When diffused, essential oils have been found to reduce the amount of airborne bugs and help to create greater physical and emotional harmony. 


The Main Problem That We All Face

The greatest therapeutic benefit is received by diffusing oils for only 15 minutes out of an hour so that the olfactory system has time to recover before receiving more oils. A lot of diffusers don’t have the same flexibility to run on and off in specific time increments all day like the Aroma Ace diffuser.


How To Use The doTERRA Aroma Ace Diffuser

1.) Take off the cap and orifice of a 15ml On Guard (comes with diffuser)


2.) Place the bottle under the black side unit until it is fully secure


3.) Place the black side unit into the Aroma Ace main diffuser until it is fully secure


4.) Adjust the settings to your preferences:

  • Top knob controls the “On Time”
  • Middle knob controls the “Off Time”
  • Bottom knob controls the “Output Pressure”




Note: This diffuser preserves the natural essence and benefits of essential oils by not using heat or water.


The doTERRA Aroma Ace Diffuser Best With

1.) 15ml On Guard oil blend: This blend comes with the device when you order it with my website and is a great oil to diffuse. On Guard cleans the air of airborne bugs and toxic chemicals too.


2.) 15ml Breathe oil blend: This blend is a companion oil to On Guard since it’s good to run when environmental and seasonal threats are high. It will definitely open up your airways and promote clear breathing.


3.) Reducing toxicity in the home: Candles, incense, and synthetic wall plug ins can spew toxic vapors into the air. This diffuser is a great natural solution that will detoxify your home or office.


In Summary

The doTERRA Aroma Ace diffuser uses state of the art technology and is easy to use. It doesn’t need any water like ultrasonic diffusers and provides flexibility and convenience to run all day.


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