Detox Cleanse

How To Do A Proper Detox Cleanse

Learning how to do a proper Detox Cleanse is important for supporting your digestive health and filtering organs like your liver and kidneys.



Did You Know?

A lot of detox programs address each organ separately as if they are on an island. On top of that, a lot of detox programs involve a eat this, not that type of list, but still suggest eating acidic foods like animal products which are difficult to digest and break down.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Some really popular detox programs just involve a combination of water and other ingredients which moves toxins around but doesn’t push them out like having more plant based fiber does.


The Natural Detox Solution

A 26 day or 30 day detox can help you clear out unwanted material in your colon so you can focus on cleansing the rest of your organs of elimination.


What A Proper Detox Cleanse Focuses On

1.) Colon: Tiny little critters like to live in an acidic environment with lots of animal products feeding them. Virtually everyone is affected by this, but especially if you travel outside the US or if you eat any type of meat. For example, a cubic inch of beef can contain 1,200 of their babies! Loosening up hardened material in the colon will also be key to your health.


2.) Kidneys: After the colon is clear of “stuff,” focusing on the kidneys should be the next step for about two days. Your kidneys are like the coffee filters of your body, when you try to make another brew without cleaning out the filter, things can get backed up and nasty.


3.) Liver & Gallbladder: After the kidneys have been properly cleansed, you want to detox any buildup in the liver and gallbladder for 3 days in order to finish out the cleanse. Your liver has to process a lot of stuff and it produces enzymes to break food down so if this isn’t in shape, then toxicity will build up.


The 2 Main Detox Programs That Have Helped Me

Option A.)  A 26 day detox program with meal plans allows you to have a more comprehensive approach that addresses the root cause and systematically cleanses your major organs the right way.


Option B) A 30 day detox program with supplements is a great way to do a more mild cleanse that involves less drastic food changes, but still cleanses your organs of elimination very effectively.


In Summary

There are many types of cleanses that last from 1 day to a month-ish. The goals is to kick the bad guys out (that don’t pay any rent and make a mess like squatters) and help move in the good bacteria and microflora (that pay rent on time and make the place look nice). 


You want to choose something that will give you the best way to address your body systems while not introducing additional toxins or bad guy food into your body at the same time and negating your results.


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