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Top 3 Benefits Of Bemer Therapy And Essential Oils

bemer therapy

The Bemer Therapy is a revolutionary device that improves your blood flow and when combined with essential oils, your benefits are enhanced even further!

bemer therapy


Did You Know?

There‚Äôs a lot of toxins in the air, food, and water that can lead to reduced cardiac function, less strength and energy, not getting enough rest, and more cellular stress. 


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like better circulation? Would you like more energy and better rest at night? There’s an awesome combo that I’ve been using to help my mind and body tremendously!


The Natural Solution

Bemer therapy and essential oils go together quite nicely since they are both helping you on a cellular level to improve your bodily functions and detox from not so good stuff in the body.



Top 3 Benefits Of Bemer Therapy & Essential Oils

1.) Bemer: Improves oxygen and nutrients to your cells and accelerates the metabolic waste removal in your body. Uses state of the art technology to send signals to your capillaries so that they start contracting in a way that stimulates blood flow.


2.) Lemon oil: Detoxifies your organs of elimination and supports healthy liver and kidney function. This is a great way to flavor your water and rid your body of unwanted substances that have been building up over time from the air, food, and water.


3.) Alkaline water: This is going to be the best water for your body since it promotes wellness and helps to create an unfriendly environment for the bad guys in the gut. Distilled water is another alternative, but you want to avoid water bottles unless it says BPA free.


How To Use These For Best Results

1.) Lemon oil: Add 2 drops per 8 ounces in a glass, stainless steel, or coffee mug and try to drink at least half your body weight in ounces each day. 


If you workout or sweat a lot, then drinking more than this will be important. You want to make sure you are only using CPTG oils for internal use and not the store bought brands.


2.) Bemer: You can start off at a level 3 intensity and slowly work your way up 1 level each week. Bemer is best used in the morning for 8 minutes and in the evening for 8 minutes to make sure your circulation is on point. 


The benefits of each session last 12 hours so spacing them out is ideal.


3.) Alkaline Water: The best thing to do is have a ionizing water machine, but this is a big upfront investment for long term health gains. This is only for the people that are serious about improving their health. Another solution is going to our local water store and getting the alkaline water and putting them in 5 gallon glass jugs (ideally).


In Summary

You can combine essential oils and the Bemer therapy for compounding benefits to increase your quality of life. Both are great at helping you at a cellular level and I love using them as a proactive way to improve my health.


What Are My Next Steps?

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