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What Everyone Is Saying About: Are Essential Oils Safe?

A lot of people ask, “Are essential oils safe?” and this depends on a number of factors so the answer may surprise you!

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Did You Know?

Just because an oil says 100% pure or organic, doesn’t mean you are getting the highest quality. This is because most essential oils are not approved by the FDA for internal use and most essential oil companies don’t do any 3rd party testing to ensure you are getting the highest quality.


Essential Oil Safety Question

Here’s a question that I got from a viewer:

“I have used essential oils off and on for several years but only really started with them seriously in September. There are plenty of articles, websites and people that say they are harmful. Any thoughts on how to know for sure that they are safe? 


I know those are the claims [brand A] makes but it seems like a hard thing to know for sure? I love how much they have helped my family and just how happy they make me. I feel like I made a huge shift in a healthy direction for me and my family. But I am just concerned that maybe they can be harmful. Specifically I have seen things about taking them internally.


I read an article telling the “secrets” [brand A] and [brand B] won’t tell. It basically talked about how harmful they can be if ingested and used topically without diluting. It also gave a long list of oils you should stay away from all together. How did you go about making an informed decision about oils and specifically [brand A]?” – Shannon


My Response To: Are Essential Oils Safe? 

I look for 3 main things when it comes to safety of essential oils and whether they can be taken internally:


1.) Are they Certified pure in quality? Having internal validation is important since most companies use alcohol solvents to extract their oils from plants.


2.) Are they approved by the FDA for internal use? Having external validation from the government agency is also another check and balance.


3.) Are they 3rd party tested for quality? Making sure the oils have at least 5 different tests to ensure impurities, foreign contaminants, pesticides, alcohol solvents, and fillers can be identified and removed is most important.


Special Note: The Quality of the oils you are using, number of drops used, frequency of use, if you are diluting, age of person (baby, toddler, adult), or if you are using it on a pet or not are all other factors to consider as well.


In Summary

Essential oils can be very safe and effective compared to synthetics, but how well it consistently works over time will depend on the quality standards that the company, government, and 3rd parties use with that brand. Doing your research and only choosing a brand that focuses on the creating the world’s highest quality will be your best option for improving your health.


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