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702 Rox Podcast At Forte Tapas Restaurant – 11-20-15

702 Rox Podcast 11-20-15 IG

I had a great time with the 702 Rox Podcast at Forte Tapas Restaurant on Friday, 11-20-15. 😀 Listen to some more of what we talked about below.

Did You Know?

I learned about the awesome food that Chef and Owner Nina Manchev is cooking up at the Forte Tapas Restaurant. Their Lentil soup was so flavorful and savory as well, I highly recommend it!


702 Rox Podcast At Forte Tapas Overview702 Rox Podcast 11-20-15 IG
1.) Segment 1: Roxy And Nina (Spices, Been in business for 6 years, live music, wine cellar)


2.) Segment 2: Roxy And Nina (Truffles, how Nina got her start, deli environment, fancy living) 4:27


3.) Segment 3: Roxy, Nina, & Lance (Superfoods, smoothies, and oils) 11:40


702 Rox Podcast Summary

I met Roxy at a networking event at the Cosmopolitan Connections this year and have enjoyed being on her shows! She’s very knowledgeable about social media and online broadcasting too!


702 ROX Podcast every Friday 9-10pm PST with Michelle “Roxy” Davis. LIVE on Meerkat @Foxy_Roxy_Show. “Wayne’s World” type of show in Vegas!


Follow Roxy: @702Rox


Forte Tapas Summary

I met Chef Nina Manchev at a previous podcast that Roxy did at Forte Tapas and was intrigued by her story and though she a really cool concept for a European style restaurant that has a lot of great dishes and personality too!


Forte is a fusion of European Home-cooking and tapas culture. Be in Europe in 30 minutes or less everyday!


Follow Forte Tapas: @ForteTapas



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