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Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Car


These essential oil diffuser for car use are great since they are simple, easy to clean, and provide some awesome aromatherapy too!



Did You Know?

These diffusers for your car are easy to use and great for road trips, commuting for work, or picking the kids up!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone with a funky car smell? Have you see those little trees in their rearview mirror or use those liquid car scents that plug into the vents? These diffusers are an all natural solution for you!


Top 3 Benefits of Heat Diffuser

1.) Heat activated with essential oils on a pad or filter


2.) Causes the essential oil to evaporate quicker than normal and disburse into the air


3.) Inexpensive and no need to clean (just change pads)


Top Benefits of Ultrasonic Diffuser

1.) Utilizes electric frequencies to cause a small disk under the surface of the water to vibrate at a very fast rate


2.) 2 hour auto-shut off timer, 180 degree rotation, and silent to use


The doTERRA Oil Blends Best With

1.) On Guard oil blend: This is the oil you want when people around you come down with something or when you want to clean the air of smoke or airborne threats.


2.) Citrus Bliss oil blend: This blend smells like a citrus wonderland and combines oils like wild orange, lemon, tangerine, and other awesome combos to uplift your mood.


3.) Peppermint oil: This is great for supporting clear breathing and helps to open up your airways too!


In Summary

An essential oil diffuser for your car is a great way to clean the air and positively affect your mood with something that is natural and non-toxic. There’s so many synthetic smells that hang from your rearview mirror or use the car’s vents to blow scents out that a diffuser will literally be a breath of fresh air!


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