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1.) Free Essential Oils Guides and Videos

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Great info. What do scientist, experts, and industry leaders all have in common? Their works were all consulted in combination with my own experiences to provide high quality content for you.

Unique visuals. This can be summed up in one word…”Purty.” As in the guides are very pretty and artistically creative. I tried to make them colorful and fun (just like your favorite painting or piece of artwork).

Interesting experiences. Picture your favorite nature scene with an essential oil of your choice. The guides are kinda like the cartoon version of that.

Delightfulness. This is usually how I feel after reading a nice book in a coffee shop or at home. The guides kind of have that effect too.

Excellence. I strive to provide the very best quality for you. Whether you consider one of my guides or help me guide you through your wellness journey as described below, just know many creative juices have flowed into something that will help you out tremendously.


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 2.) Fun Essential Oils Las Vegas Live Events…

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Let Me Guide You to the Natural Solution…

Me casa is su casa! In other words, my home is your home when it comes to learning about essential oils in Las Vegas. My main goal is to understand what health concerns you have and help you find a natural solution. 


I cover topics such as how essential oils have been used in history, common health problems and how essential oils can help, but am very open to questions! I want this to be more of a fantastic discussion than a lecture (I got enough of those in college, lol).


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 3.) The Inspirational Community You’ve Been Waiting For…

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What social media network do you best connect with? Check out my facebook page that I have and stay up to date with the inspirational pictures, blogs, and videos that I post.


My goal is to serve you in a way that adds a tremendous amount of value to your life and health. This is something that I’m very passionate about. I’ve learned so much from people who took an interest in me and I want to do the same for you in a positive way.



P.S. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and being a part of your wellness journey. This is going to be exciting!


P.S. Part 2: Check out my “Secrets” page for more information and blogs on essential oils.


Your Essential Oils Guide,

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