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Using Essential Oils – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 33 || Reaction Video


The Youtube video called, “Using Essential Oils – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 33” was fun to react to! Some truths in there, some definite exaggerations, but overall a lot of funny stuff!



Did You Know?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds that are extracted from plants for their health benefits and can take your health to the next level in the areas of eating right, exercise, sleep, and cleaning the home? 



Some Of The Main Things Mentioned Were

– “Health practices do all the work and essential oils just make you feel better that you are doing something about your health (i.e. it’s all in your head).”


My reaction: It’s true that eating right, exercise, and getting enough sleep will dramatically improve your health. Essential oils are more like a amplifier or enhancer in the sense that they take your health to the next level and who couldn’t use an extra helping hand everyday or now and then?


It’s like being able to use a cheat code on a video game to skip a hard level, you could do it the hard way, but it’s nice to take “healthy” shortcuts. 😉


– “Essential oils are overpriced.”

My reaction: I would expect to pay more for a Lexus than a Kia. That’s because the quality, service, and value of what I’m getting for a Lexus is far greater and provides a lot more consistent results due to craftsmanship.


The same is true for the oils except, with a wholesale account and joining the Loyalty Rewards Program, you can save up to 55% off your oils making them cheaper than any store bought or online option with the world’s highest quality.


– “Joining an essential oil company means you become a distributor, have to sell product, and very few people earn income, or build true wealth (or it takes a really long time).”


My reaction: Most people just use the oils at a discount just like a CostCo or Sams Club membership and “lose money” so they can “gain health” and that’s perfectly fine. As with any business, a small percentage earn the majority of the income, see the 80/20 Rule (or look at the structure of large corporations).


This is true because successful Entrepreneurs were the people that never gave up. It takes 3-5 years of consistent effort (in any business) to receive the type of income that you could retire off of (Network Marketing or MLM’s are no different).


How To Use Essential Oils For Best Results

1.) Eat Right: Eating more live an whole plant foods is going to be the best thing you can do for your health. Cutting out or minimizing processed foods will also allow the essential oils to work most effectively in your body. Eating a hamburger one day and then expecting essential oils to work miracles is counterproductive. 


2.) Exercise: This is a great way to improve blood flow, circulation, release endorphins, and build lean muscle. Essential oils are great to use since they can help with tight muscles and joints.


3.) Take Plant Based Supplements: Since our soils are so depleted and most people are lacking the enzymes (too much cooked foods), omega 3’s (too many omega 6’s in refined oils and meat), fiber (too many refined grains), and trace minerals, taking the right supplementation is going to be very important in all of these areas.


In Summary

There were some funny things mentioned in this video and like everything, the points JP mentioned should be taken with a grain of salt and an open mind. I always try to look at the kernel of truth in every piece of feedback, and am always open to new perspectives!


What Are My Next Steps?

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