Excellent doTERRA Zendocrine Complex Benefits

doterra zendocrine complex

You want to use a natural supplement when doing any detox program. This Zendocrine Complex comes with a nice variety of herbs and enzymes to help you from a organ elimination and digestion standpoint as well.

How To Get Started With doTERRA Croatia

doterra croatia

You can get started with doTERRA as a retail customer, wholesale customer, or wellness advocate depending on what your goals and health priorities are. My goal is to help walk alongside of you and decide what is best for your and your family as you go through your wellness journey.

How To Achieve The doTERRA Elite Rank

doterra elite rank

doTERRA is a product education based company. The goal isn’t to “hit ranks.” The goal should be to help people with their health and wellness and ideally set them free from a low quality life to a life of abundance and vibrancy. You can only do that if you don’t give up and focus on education and understanding EVERY DAY.

Top 7 doTERRA Diamond Kit Solutions For Muscles And Joints

doterra diamond kit solutions for muscles and joints

The doTERRA Diamond Kit provides some great solutions for your muscles and joints from an internal and external standpoints once you learn a little bit about what each of these options can do for you!   Did You Know? You…

Best doTERRA Malaysia Solutions For Hunger Cravings

doterra malaysia solutions for hunger cravings

Hunger cravings can pop up during holidays, family visits, or during long gaps in between meals. When you manage them well, then you can have less temptations and support a healthier body weight in the short and long term.

When Sharing Your doTERRA Discount Makes Sense (Or Not)

sharing doterra discount

As a Wholesale Customer sharing is caring when it comes to the oils and buying the oils at a discount and then offering them at your cost is perfectly fine if that’s what you want to do.As a Wellness Advocate, why would someone buy the cow if they could get the milk for free? If you are doing doTERRA as a part time or full time business then it’s best if someone becomes a customer or Wellness Advocate with you (if they see the value and are ready for it).

Top 3 Essential Oils For Pregnancy And Nursing Moms

essential oils for pregnancy and nursing moms

Pregnancy is a period of time, generally 9 months in which a mom to be carries a developing fetus in her uterus and can be very sensitive to heavy metal exposure, toxins, certain foods, and smells. This is why choosing natural solutions is so important.

Sensational Young Scent Fruit Vinegar Drink Review

young scent fruit vinegar drink review

Malee and I tried a couple awesome passion fruit vinegar drinks from @youngscent! Young Scent Fruit Vinegars are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides. The fruits are fermented and infused together during a 6-month process, delivering high-quality, premium drinking vinegars.

Why The Tesla Powerwall Is Like An Essential Oil Kit

tesla powerwall

Your body is the only home you have to live in and going more green in your actual home is the best way to make sure you don’t sell yourself short! The Tesla Powerwall and essential oil kit are very complimentary and support your health and wellness from a molecular level with electrons, protons, and neutrons!

How To Get Started With doTERRA Bulgaria

doterra bulgaria

Bulgaria is a great place since doTERRA’s lavender is grown there and you can receive the world’s highest quality essential oils too! It’s a win win where you and your family’s health benefits!

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