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Redeeming your LRP points can be tricky at first but after you do it a few times you’ll be a pro in no time!



Did You Know?

You can save up to 55% off your oils, get your shipping reimbursed, and be eligible for free products of the month or each quarter? The doTERRA LRP is definitely the smartest way to buy!


The Main Problem That We All Face

It’s hard finding high quality essential oils for the best value. Either the price is too high or the quality is too low to get the best benefits from it. This is where the doTERRA LRP comes in!


Top 3 Benefits Of Redeeming LRP Points

1.) Save 25% off retail: Becoming a wholesale customer (oil user) or wellness advocate (business builder) is the best way to get the ball rolling. You can get a wholesale account for $35 or get that waived with a kit (which is how I got started).


2.) Save up to an additional 30% off products (55% off total): You start off at 10% back on purchases with the Family Essentials kit or you can start off at 25% back with the diamond kit. There’s lots of ways to get started and you move up by 5% each month as long as your monthly order is at least 50 point value (PV).


3.) Get your shipping reimbursed: For example, economy shipping is $3.99 and you get 4 points back every month a shipment goes out.


Why this matters: You can redeem the points you accumulate during monthly purchases for tons of oils! It’s like Christmas every month for me!


The doTERRA LRP Goes Best With

1.) A doTERRA Enrollment Kit: This waives the $35 membership fee and gets you started right!


2.) Economy Shipping: Standard shipping is $6.99 so you save $3 here and is a great way to still get it to your location (even if it isn’t always to your doorstep but a mailbox or clubhouse in most cases).


3.) Working with your enroller or sponsor: You want to make sure you choose someone that you know, like, and trust and interview multiple people before making a final decision. If you’ve already signed up then you can use these videos as a resource!


In Summary

Redeeming your points is pretty easy after you do it a few times. The key thing to remember is that there is a $3 point redemption fee per 100 points you use and everything ships out (out of pocket and freebies) when you use your points so choose carefully and strategically! 


What Are My Next Steps?

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