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How PEMF Therapy Works || Reaction Video

pemf therapy

PEMF Therapy is an amazing way for you to increase blood flow, circulation, and help your body repair muscles and tissues on a cellular level.

pemf therapy


Did You Know?

PEMF technology with the Bemer mat helps oxygen and nutrients get into your cells better and also supports the cellular waste removal process more effectively so you can have more mental clarity and just feel better.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like better circulation? Do you every get a tingly feeling on parts of your body and wonder why that is?


The Natural Solution

The Bemer mat uses a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (or PEMF for short) to stimulate your capillaries with a signal that increases blood flow.



Top 3 Benefits Of PEMF Therapy

1.) Increases blood flow: Bemer uses pulsed electromagnetic therapy to stimulate your capillaries to get your blood moving again. This is very important for circulation and for proper joint and muscle function.


2.) Cellular Waste Removal: When your red blood cells are moving the way they should then they are able to dispose of trapped waste inside them better which helps your body remove toxins more efficiently.


3.) Better Concentration: When more oxygen and nutrients are getting into your red blood cells due to the increased blood flow then your brain can function better. This is the key to getting more alertness and focus.


The doTERRA Oil Blends Best With

1.) Alkaline Water: Alkaline water helps promote an environment of wellness within your body and hydrates your cells better than tap or bottled water.


2.) Eating Right: This is going to be the best way to give your body the raw materials it needs to repair and regenerate from the inside out. The best foods are organic, non-GMO, and mostly plant based.


3.) Exercise: This is another way to get blood flow, build lean muscle, and slim down in a natural way. The key is to be consistent and stretch before and after your exercises.


In Summary

PEMF technology has been around for decades and is here to stay. This is some next level stuff so you want to start off at a lower setting and gradually work your way up so you don’t detox too much at one time.


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