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How To Use doTERRA Peppermint Touch


The doTERRA Peppermint Touch is super easy to use and comes in a pre-made roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil so you don’t have to worry about a thing!



Did You Know?

This amazing roller bottle of peppermint oil can be used anytime and anywhere to give you a quick lil energy boost or so you can experience a cool aroma that leaves you in an awesome mood!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that has low energy? Would you like a quick solution for head tension or hot flashes? This roller bottle is great to take with you then!


How To Use The doTERRA Peppermint Touch

1.) Rub on temples when studying or when waking up to energize senses. Tests, exams, and other high concentration tasks are great times to use this too!


2.) Massage a couple swipes on back of neck to cool off and reduce tension. This is especially helpful after a long day of work.


3.) Combine with lavender and frankincense for a soothing massage. This is a great way to “layer” on your benefits!


The doTERRA Peppermint Touch Goes Best With

1.) doTERRA Deep Blue Touch: This is going to provide extra support when you have a more stubborn head tension situation. Combining both peppy and Deep Blue would be very effective.


2.) doTERRA Frankincense Touch: Frankie is awesome for helping with your mood and addressing muscle and joint discomfort. Frankie and Peppy would be a good combo for sure!


3.) doTERRA Lavender Touch: Lavender is awesome for skin irritation and could be combined with the Peppermint Touch when you need some extra support for seasonal threats.


In Summary

The doTERRA Peppermint Touch takes all the guess work out of it for you since it contains the optimal amounts of fractionated coconut oil and peppermint essential oil. This goes great with the other oils in the Touch kit for sure!


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