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Roll On Immunity With doTERRA Oregano Touch


The doTERRA Oregano Touch is a super convenient way to apply oregano oil safely and easily on your skin since it’s perfectly pre-diluted with fractionated with coconut oil.



Did You Know?

This pre-made roller bottle provides a gentle option for people with sensitive skin to receive the immunity boosting benefits of this amazing oil!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that isn’t feeling too well? Would you like a natural solution for digestion or when you are not feeling too good? This oregano roller bottle is the answer!


How To Use The doTERRA Oregano Touch

1.) Rub on the bottoms of feet to benefit more body systems. This is great if you are feeling under the weather.


2.) Swipe onto skin imperfections or nails to purify area. This is great for ouchies that tend to happen when you least expect them.


3.) Apply a couple swipes to palms of hands and rub together to clean. This will clean your hands like nobody’s business!


The doTERRA Oregano Touch Goes Best With


1.) On Guard Softgels: These softgels will also serve to boost your immunity during season changes or when there’s a lot of stuff in the air. This is helpful since it’s helping you from the inside out.


2.) On Guard Oil Blend: This is a great blend to diffuse at home or in the office to clean the air of impurities and support your immune system. It smells like Christmas every time I use it!


3.) Breathe Oil Blend: This blend helps to open up your airways and clear your sinuses of any built up stuff. This is another blend that is great to use or rub on your shower walls for an amazing aromatherapy experience!


In Summary

The doTERRA Oregano Touch contains the perfect amounts of fractionated coconut oil and oregano oil so that you can apply this on your skin whenever there are boo boos, ouchies, or knicks. This also goes well on the bottoms of your feet for an immunity boost that addresses all the body systems.


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