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Amazing doTERRA Natural Solutions Kit Benefits


The doTERRA Natural Solutions kit is one of the best ways to makeover your bathroom cabinet and feel more empowered in your home with natural solutions!


Did You Know?

This essential oil kit is great if you want to makeover your bathroom cabinet since there’s a number of essential oils, consumer products, and natural cleaners to work with!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to makeover their bathroom, kitchen, or cleaning cabinets? Would you like natural solutions within arms reach that go beyond just single oils and oil blends? Watch the video below to learn more!


Top 3 Benefits Of The doTERRA Natural Solutions Kit

1.) Bathroom Makeover In A Box: This is a great kit if you want to start off with a nice balance of products for your home and realize that doTERRA offers more than just oils. They offer natural solutions for each area of your home too (especially for floors, toilets, and windows)!


2.) Covers Most Health Priorities: You can have cleaner hands, smoother skin, more energy, better digestion, more restful sleep, hormonal balance, and an immunity boost with this kit. There’s so much to benefit from this kit!


3.) Free Essential Oil Guide Book For 2nd Month Order of 125+ Point Value (PV): This is a $30 value and is the encyclopedia or bible of essential oils and shows you how to you use each single oil, oil blend, and lists most health priorities in the back too!


This Essential Oil Kit Goes Best With

1.) Wellness Consult: After you receive your kit, I like to do a wellness consult within 2-3 days after that to help you learn how to use your products and maximize your membership.


2.) doTERRA LRP Order: This is the best way to maximize your membership and start off on the right foot. You can save up to 55% off your oils, get your shipping reimbursed, and take your health to the next level with this generous loyalty rewards program!


3.) My Online Essential Oil Class: This is where you can learn how to use essential oils, live a lifestyle of wellness, share essential oils, and see how to earn part time or full time income with doTERRA. This is what I like to call awesome digital education!


In Summary

The Natural Solutions Kit is a great one to start with since you start off at 40% off any future order (25%+15% = 40%), which is a nice medium track to higher rebates in the beginning. On top of that, you get 100 points deposited into your oil bank account for any order of 100+ points in your second month!


What Are My Next Steps?

The first thing to do is sign up for my FREE 4 part essential oil class online so you can learn more about natural solutions TODAY!
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