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How The doTERRA Compensation Plan Changes Lives (Part 2 of 3)


The doTERRA Compensation Plan pays out based on performance, which is the direction of how people will be paid in the future (think bonuses, commission, etc.).



Inspirational Quote

“I wondered if someone like me from a small town, who had never done direct marketing, could succeed. My first class convinced me that everyone wants and needs these oils. I just went forward with that conviction, excitedly sharing with anyone who would listen and have found success in one living room at a time.” –  Kathy Pace, doTERRA Leader


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that is self-motivated and looking for a business opportunity that will free them from their 9-5 job someday? Would you like to earn residual income from home as you help people along the way? Watch Part 2 of this Comp Plan then!


doTERRA Compensation Plan 101

1.) Fast Start Bonus: Earn commissions immediately and is paid weekly on new enrollee volume for their first 60 days. Enroller must have 100 PV Loyalty Rewards Order to receive this enroller bonus.


2.) Power of 3 Bonus: Paid monthly and each person pictured needs 100+PV LRP. Each team needs 600 Total Volume (TV) to receive this sponsor bonus.


3.) Unilevel Bonus: Paid monthly on team volume outside the Fast Start bonus window (member’s first 60 days). Get paid 7 levels deep!


4.) Leadership Bonus: Paid monthly on 6% of global profits divided among leadership ranks.


Your 3-5 Year Retirement GamePlan

1.) Share oils, follow up, teach classes.

The focus should always be education and understanding over profits. Never compromise on this principle. Income is a side effect of helping more people (and sales should never be the focus).


2.) Enroll customers & builders, schedule wellness consults with them.

This will help your customers and builders learn how to use their oils and how maximize their membership. It’s important to walk them through how to place future 1 time orders or LRP orders and give them all their options for saving the most money.


3.) Launch builders who do the same

The first goal should be to find 3 people that you can put on your front line that are committed to building their OWN business with or without you. You want people who are self-motivated and all they need is the training on how to share, teach, enroll, and follow up with people. You can’t want something more than someone else and be successful in this business, they have to be hungrier than you.


In Summary

The doTERRA Compensation Plan rewards leadership, incentivizes synergy and collaboration, and sets you up to create a powerful lasting financial pipeline. As you’ll see in Part 3, doTERRA has helped thousands of people live their dreams and retire in 3-5 years of hard work and helping a lot of people.


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