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How The doTERRA Compensation Plan Changes Lives (Part 1 of 3)

doterra compensation plan part 1

The doTERRA Compensation Plan allows you to pursue your passions, help a lot of people, work from home, and earn residual income along the way!

doterra compensation plan part 1


Food For Thought

“The networking model, in conjunction with a high quality product or service, presents an unparalleled opportunity for people to thrive.” –  Bob Burg


The Main Problem That We All Face

Many people spend their lives trading hours for dollars with no end in sight, never having the freedom to pursue their true passions and purpose. You can create a different story with doTERRA.



Traditional Employment 101

– Trading hours for dollars
– Limit on advancement & earnings
– Reliant on employer’s vision
– Prerequisites & costly education
– Limited time freedom


Verdict: Traditional employment is all about comfort and security in exchange for a steady paycheck. Although you can gain some great skills working for someone else, you are ultimately chasing someone else’s dream and a slave to a job that lacks purpose and significance.


Authentic Network Marketing 101

– True, lasting residual income
– No limits on advancement and earnings
– Reliant on your own vision
– No prerequisites & free education
– Freedom to choose your schedule


Verdict: Network marketing isn’t perfect, it’s just better than Traditional Employment. You get to work from home, choose who you work with, and earn residual income while you develop your skills along the way. It’s like a home based franchise that starts off with no pay, moves to low pay, then you reach overpaid if you don’t give up and help a lot of people. Anything worth doing takes time, Network Marketing is no different.


In Summary

doTERRA’s products are best shared person to person, not on a shelf or in an ad. Rather than paying advertising companies doTERRA chooses to compensate people who share their products and support others in sharing. This business model leverages the most effective form of marketing available, word of mouth.


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