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Delightful doTERRA Anchor Oil Blend Benefits (Yoga Collection Part 1)

doterra anchor oil blend

The doTERRA Anchor oil blend is a great solution for your yoga practice and is called the steadying blend for a reason!

doterra anchor oil blend


Did You Know?

The doTERRA Anchor Steadying Blend can help to give you the balance and steady calm when uncertainty tries to creep up in your world. The even better news is that this oil blend is a part of the perfect Yoga Collection!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that practices yoga and is looking for a new essential oil blend to try? Would you like to take your meditation or prayer to the next level with an oil blend that is specifically designed for balance and relaxation? Make sure to watch the video below all the way until the end to learn more!


Top 3 Uses Of The doTERRA Anchor Oil Blend

1.) Apply 1-2 drops of the Anchor blend on your heart area to help you create a foundational sense to move forward during tough times.


2.) Apply 2-3 drops to your ankles, spine, or bottoms of your feet to encourage feelings of completeness and relaxation.


3.) When you are meditating or praying, apply 1-2 drops to your reflex points on the palms of your hands or bottoms of your feet to steady and calm.


Essential Oils For Yoga Goes Best With

1.) doTERRA Lumo Diffuser: This nature inspired diffuser can run up to 5 hours continuously or 10 hours off and on, which is super convenient.


2.) doTERRA Petal Diffuser: This is the most affordable diffuser that doTERRA offers and can run up to 4 hours and comes standard with the home essentials kit and is great for the home or office.


3.) doTERRA Aroma Lite Diffuser: This diffuser is great for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen and can run up to 8 hours which is really nice when you need to clean the area of positively benefit your mood or prepare for sleep.


In Summary

The ideal yoga poses to use with this oil blend includes: Bhu Mudra (one hand on the heart and the other on the Earth), seated twist, and seated meditation. This awesome oil blend consists of lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood, cinnamon, frankincense, black pepper, patchouli, and fractionated coconut oil for maximum health benefits!


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