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Dazzling doTERRA Align Oil Blend Benefits (Yoga Collection Part 2)

doterra align oil blend

The doTERRA Align oil blend is all about getting you centered during yoga, but you can also use it during pilates, barre, meditation, or prayer too for extra health benefits!

doterra align oil blend


Did You Know?

It’s very easy to fall into the feelings of anxiousness, despair, or worry with the busyness of work, kids, family members, or a significant other. This is why using natural solutions combined with yoga can help put your mind more at ease!


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone who needs to get their mind and body more aligned with yoga? Would you like to use an essential oil blend that provides many mood and meditation enhancing benefits? Make sure to watch the video below all the way until the end to get the full scoop!


Top 3 Uses Of The doTERRA Align Oil Blend

1.) When you are just waking up, try putting on 1-2 drops of the Align blend on the back of your neck, under your wrists, or over your heart area to promote feelings of self-acceptance and fluidity.


2.) Add a couple drops to some diffusing jewelry, like a necklace or bracelet to help you center more easily during a yoga practice, meditation, or prayer.


3.) This oil blend goes perfect with the yoga poses of warrior 2, triangle, and gate to get your alignment in check. All you do is put 3-5 drops in a four hour diffuser and you are good to go!


Yoga Essential Oils Go Best With

1.) doTERRA Lumo Diffuser: This diffuser can run up to 10 hours off and on automatically and is a great way to clean the air of impurities and help you get your mind right!


2.) doTERRA AromaLite Diffuser: This diffuser has a 4 hour and 8 hour timer setting and shuts off automatically when it is done helping to set the mood in your home, office, or yoga studio.


3.) doTERRA Petal Diffuser: This diffuser has a 1 hour, 2 hour, and 4 hour setting on it with a light that you can turn on or off to provide a more enjoyable experience with the oils.


In Summary

A sense of peace and purpose can be achieved when you combine the doTERRA Align blend and specific yoga poses. The Align contains peppermint, basil, geranium, and jasmine essential oils to create a fresh scent that has a nice herbal and green feel to it.


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