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Perfect Citrus Essential Oils To Add To Vegan Carrot Cake – Vlog Recap (Part 16)

Citrus Essential Oils To Add To Vegan Carrot Cake

There’s a number of citrus essential oils that I like to use on vegan carrot cake and it definitely makes a difference on the flava! OMG this stuff tastes so good!

Citrus Essential Oils To Add To Vegan Carrot Cake


Did You Know?

Citrus essential oils can be used to enhance the flavor and health benefits of desserts, meals, smoothies, and other drinks but you want to make sure you use a brand that is 3rd party tested and CPTG like doTERRA.


The Main Problem That We All Face

Do you know someone that would like to use a high quality citrus oil? Would you like to try the vegan carrot cake from Zest in Salt Lake City? Well check out the video below so you can see what Malee and I did!


Top 3 Citrus Essential Oils To Add To Vegan Carrot Cake

1.) Wild orange essential oil: This is called the happy oil or oil of abundance and is very energizing. This oil is also very revitalizing, serves as a natural cleanser, is purifying, and supports a healthy immune system.


2.) Lemon essential oil: This cleanses and purifies the air, promotes a positive mood, supports a healthy digestion, and assists in seasonal respiratory discomfort.


3.) Lime essential oil: I love using this oil with lemon in my water and green smoothies for flavor and detox benefits! Lime oil also supports a positive mood and provides antioxidant support too!


The doTERRA Oil Blends Best With

1.) My other vlogs: I have a lot of other vlogs so you can be a part of my wellness journey and see what natural solutions I like to use on the road and at home!


2.) Check out my other videos on how to support a healthy body weight and endocrine system using natural solutions. I go through popular procedures and topics that come with their own risks and rewards.


3.) Make sure to watch my videos on essential oils, supplements, and personal care products. These will help you gain more insight on how I’ve been able to develop a wellness lifestyle that is focused on being proactive, not reactive with my health priorities.


In Summary

Using essential oils from doTERRA with the vegan carrot cake from Zest in Salt Lake City made my experience skyrocket to an out of this world flavor! I highly recommend it if you are looking for flavor and health benefits!


What Are My Next Steps?

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