Training And Inspiration

Training And Inspiration

Are Essential Oils Are Too Expensive?


You vote with your dollar and spend money on what you value whether that’s a Starbucks coffee, fast food, restaurants, or impulse buys based on emotion. Essential oils can be an affordable investment in your quality of life if you use the right oils and brand.

Top 3 doTERRA Wellness Consult Benefits


The wellness consult is the best way for you to get started on your wellness lifestyle after you receive your essential oil kit. The main things you’ll learn are how to use your oils and how to maximize your membership.

Top 4 Pathways To Success With Your Health And Wealth


It’s important to feel like you are in control when it comes to your health and career and these pathways to success are designed to do just that. They say that there’s two things you should consider before starting anything, 1.) The rules of the game and 2) When to get out. This pathway helps you get to the answer to both of those.

Phenomenal doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program Overview


The doterra Loyalty Rewards Program is the smartest way to buy your oils since you can get up to 55% off your oils after 12 months and get your shipping reimbursed in the form of points as well! I’ve been on this on the doTERRA LRP for over 3 years and have gotten over $1500 in free oils so it’s definitely worth it!

Top 3 Benefits Of A doTERRA Membership


The doTERRA membership is the best way to take your health to the next level and you can start off as a Wholesale Customer (about 85% of members) or Wellness Advocate (about 15% of members). The choice is up to you and it’s never too late to get started or reactivate your account!

What’s Your Why And Why That’s So Important


Developing your “Why” starts with understanding what your needs, wants, and goals in life are. There are many things that will test your why so having a strong one that will withstand the storms of life will be absolutely imperative to going from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

Best doTERRA VS Young Living Overview


The doTERRA VS Young Living debate has gone on for quite some time now, but now it’s time to look at the bigger picture of both companies!   Did You Know? When looking to which company is the “best” it’s…

What you MUST KNOW FIRST to make money with doTERRA || Reaction Video


The key to earning money with doterra is teaching and sharing. The amount that you order each month and keep in your cart at all times allows you to be a product of the product and continue to have enough inventory to share oils with others in a more meaningful way that builds your testimony and belief in the products.

Momtrepreneur Day In The Life || Reaction Video


Let’s face it, being a momtrepreneur is not easy! It involves balancing the responsibilities of being a mother, entrepreneur, spouse, and other duties all at the same time! Whether you are a momtrepreneur, want to be a momtrepreneur, or know someone that is, hopefully this video at least put a smile on your face!

Splendid 30-60-90 Day Wellness Plan


This Wellness Plan is designed to set you up for success by empowering you to take care of yourself so you can take care of others. We don’t live in isolation and your health impacts more than just you so it’s important to maintain wellness through a proactive gameplan and not wait until something bad happens to react.

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