Training And Inspiration

Training And Inspiration

Best Essential Oil Carrying Case Review


An essential oil carrying case give you the power to take your liquid gold with you so you can be prepared for any situation! When you are at home, they make a great decoration for your living room or bedroom too!

Sensational Eric Worre Go Pro Book Overview


Doing something that will be relevant now and 10 years from now should be an important part of your decision making process when it comes to entrepreneurship. Network Marketing leverages the power of word of mouth and a franchise model (manuals and training) to set you up for success. All you need to do is add the effort, commitment, and not give up.

Phenomenal Rise Of The Entrepreneur Overview


The Rise of the Entrepreneur documentary is a great way to learn about how our economy works and what you can do to develop part time or full time residual income now or in the future. The key is to choose a person, company, and product that you believe in and use everyday.

How To Handle Network Marketing Haters


Network marketing isn’t perfect, it’s just better. This is because it leverages the most effective form of marketing that ever existed, which is word of mouth. Instead of paying for commercials, models, and celebrities for product promotion, the money goes to distributors based on the number of people that they help. Keyword: Help, NOT recruit.

doTERRA Scam Debunked


How many companies do you know that started and remained debt free? doTERRA’s ability to make financially responsible decisions for it customers, Wellness advocates, and partners speaks volumes about the integrity of the company and it’s founders. This is the reason why I am so passionate about supporting doTERRA in their mission in getting an oil in every home!

How To Handle doTERRA Haters


Some people have a problem with doTERRA because of how they got started, other people have a problem with the word of mouth business model (network marketing) they use to educate people and offer products. Regardless of the reason, seeking the truth and making an educated decision with your health is the most important thing you can do.

How To Handle Essential Oil Haters


Essential oil haters will always exist whether it’s the brand, the internal use, or the effectiveness of the oils. The key is to look at both sides of the argument and be able to explain the other sides’ position better than they can for true understanding and objectivity.

How To Handle Haters (Part 2)


Haters will either be misinterpreting or using misinformation when they draw conclusions. If they interpreted things more objectively and had all the facts from both sides, then they would be an informed discussion partner and not a hater anymore.

How To Handle Haters (Part 1)


You can’t control what comes out of a haters mouth (in person) or fingertips (online). All you can do is understand how to handle them better and many times it involves providing one reasonable response then seeing if they can be reasonable too. If not, distance or delete them from your life or comments section.

Why Leaders Are Readers And How You Can Become One


Leaders are readers because books capture the wisdom of giants and allow you to stand on their shoulders when you absorb their content. Never underestimate the power of a book. I re-read the book books that impact me the most in my life.

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