Single Oils

single oils

doTERRA Thyme Essential Oil Uses

doterra thyme essential oil

doTERRA thyme essential oil is resolving, powerful, and expels unwanted things from your body systems. Thyme oil blends best with rosemary, basil, and lavender.

doTERRA Tangerine Essential Oil Uses

doterra tangerine essential oil

doTERRA tangerine essential oil has a balancing, clearing, and uplifting benefit to your mind and body. Tangerine oil blends well with bergamot, clary sage, and lavender.

doTERRA Spikenard Essential Oil Uses

doterra spikenard essential oil

doTERRA spikenard essential oil is restorative, rejuvenating, and uplifting to your body. It has a little bit of an acquired smell, but blends well with ginger, cassia, and myrrh.

doTERRA Spearmint Essential Oil Uses

doterra spearmint essential oil

doTERRA spearmint essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the plant and has many applications for your oral and digestive health.   Did You Know? A common flavor for toothpaste and candy, the ancient Greeks enjoyed bathing with…

doTERRA Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses

doterra hawaiian sandalwood essential oil

doTERRA Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil has a great health benefit for the mind and body when it comes to relaxation. Hawaiian sandalwood oil blends well with frankincense, lavender, and white fir.

doTERRA Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses

doterra indian sandalwood essential oil

doTERRA Indian sandalwood essential oil has a calming, sweet, and woody smell to it that puts your mind and body to ease. Indian sandalwood oil blends well with frankincense, lavender, and white fir.

doTERRA Rosemary Essential Oil Uses

doterra rosemary essential oil

doTERRA rosemary essential oil has a refreshing, cooling, and clearing effect to your body. Rosemary oil blends well with peppermint, basil, and lavender.

doTERRA Rose Essential Oil Uses

doterra rose essential oil

doTERRA rose essential oil is an intimate, connecting, and radiant oil to use for your health. Rose oil blends well with sandalwood, lavender, and geranium.

doTERRA Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Uses

doterra roman chamomile essential oil

doTERRA roman chamomile essential oil is a bright, calming, and sweet oil that has many health benefits. Roman chamomile oil blends well with lavender, rose, geranium, and clary sage.

doTERRA Peppermint Beadlets Benefits

doterra peppermint beadlets

doTERRA peppermint beadlets are little balls of awesome filled with essential oil that you can pop in your mouth for an experience that will energize you and freshen your breath.

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