How This PEMF Machine Improves Microcirculation || Reaction Video


According to Dr. Rainer Klopp, “Bemer is one of the most effective and widely researched physical therapy methods available today.” I agree and have seen the benefits of this awesome machine myself!

Why I Love Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy || Reaction Video


The PEMF technology from Bemer shows that you can enhance delivery of nutrients and oxygen while removing waste material from the blood more effectively that other devices out there.

How PEMF Therapy Works || Reaction Video

pemf therapy

PEMF technology has been around for decades and is here to stay. This is some next level stuff so you want to start off at a lower setting and gradually work your way up so you don’t detox too much at one time.

Best Bemer Mat Review Ever


Exercising and drinking water can help with blood flow, but the Bemer Mat gives you a helping hand and supplements those lifestyle choices very well since it’s only an 8 minute session twice a day. This is a more convenient way to get your blood flow going!

Awesome Live Blood Cell Analysis With Bemer Pro || Reaction Video

bemer pro

Even if you think you are “healthy” you could still have a lot of stuff in your blood that you didn’t expect, I know that’s true for me! Combing a live blood analysis and Bemer therapy are a great way to improve your blood flow, increase nutrient absorption, increase oxygen absorption, and remove cellular waste.

Why Bemer 3000 Got A Face Lift

bemer 3000

The Bemer 3000 has been upgraded to a couple different models that offer a classic or professional way to improve your blood flow, circulation, and efficiency of your cells. Drinking alkaline water, using essential oils, and adding in trace minerals will take your health to the next level after discovering all that the new Bemer models have to offer!

Top 3 Benefits Of Bemer Therapy And Essential Oils

bemer therapy

You can combine essential oils and the Bemer therapy for compounding benefits to increase your quality of life. Both are great at helping you at a cellular level and I love using them as a proactive way to improve my health.

How Bemer And I Got Slim And Sassy (Part 2 of 2)

bemer part 2

The Bemer is a great way to stimulate blood flow on a cellular level with two 8 minute sessions in the morning and night time. This is a very low maintenance device that supplements proper hydration and exercise quite well.

How Bemer And I Got Slim And Sassy (Part 1 of 2)


The Bemer is a state of the art way to enhance your blood flow, increase nutrients and oxygen into your cells and promote the removal of waste from them as well. Using the Bemer mat twice a day for 8 minutes is a great way to enhance a daily lifestyle of hydration, exercise, and eating right.

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