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Hi Friends! My name is Lance and I help people improve their health and accomplish their goals with natural solutions.

I’ll Be Back With Some More Essential Oils

I'll be back with some more essential oils

Who knew Cybernetic life forms sent from the future could help out with natural solutions.

It’s Time 4 Sleep

time 4 sleep

This is one of my favorite combination of oils for a better night’s sleep and I love the smell! When it’s time 4 sleep, I turn to this natural solution!

Top 2 Natural Breath Fresheners On The Go

breath fresheners

These are 2 great natural breath fresheners when you are out and about all day on the go, visiting family during the holidays, or traveling at airports since there’s a lot of stuff in the air.

How To Improve Your Immune System Naturally

how to improve your immune system

The Roll-On Defense using On Guard and fractionated coconut oil is a great nightly routine for the kiddos. ??? This is one of the best ways to learn how to improve your immune system naturally!

Amazing Homemade Dryer Sheets

homemade dryer sheets

I love using essential oils with homemade dryers sheets! You can totally make your clothes smells so invigorating and clean

Top 16 Essential Oils For Pregnancy

essential oils for pregnancy

For all the preganant mommas out there, I have included a complete list of essential oils that are safe for you! ?? These essential oils for pregnancy will really help out!

Awesome Citrus Essential Oils For Water

Citrus Essential Oils

When you are at work or at home, what do you like to put in your water? ? I’ve been using some awesome citrus essential oils for water!

Red White And Deep Blue

Red White And Deep Blue

This Red White and Deep Blue post is really dedicated to all those in the military who sacrificed their lives so we could enjoy ours. There’s no better time than now to celebrate that and shouldn’t have to just rely on a holiday to thank all those who serve.

Best Eric Butterworth Quote For Personal Growth

eric butterworth

This is the best Eric Butterworth Quote that I’ve found on personal growth! I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I feel like I have more problems than a math book, but I always try to do 3 things when it comes to personal development.

Essential Oils Las Vegas At Saj Natural Beauty

Essential Oils Las Vegas At Saj Natural Beauty

Had an awesome natural solutions class at @sajbeauty in @downtownsummerlin! ?? This is the essential oils las vegas learning center for sure!

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