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Hi Friends! My name is Lance and I help people improve their health and accomplish their goals with natural solutions.

Natural Hand Cleaner That Doesn’t Dry Out skin

natural hand cleaner

I make sure to bring this clean hand spray with me everywhere! This natural hand cleaner is great because it softens your hands and doesn’t leave it dry like other options out there.

Top 5 Essential Oils For Sleep


There’s a lot of oils that I like to use for sleepy time whether I’m at my house or traveling.?✈️ These essential oils for sleep are really great!

Convicting Chetan Bhagat Quotes That Got Me Thinking

Chetan Bhagat Quotes

Finding faults is like bad breath. Easy to detect on others, hard to detect on yourself. One of the Chetan Bhagat quotes that got me thinking had to do with how faults of others and myself are dealt with.

Essential Oil Class At My House Fitness (Las Vegas)

my house fitness las vegas

Had an awesome teaching an essential oil class at My House Fitness (Las Vegas)! I love working with local businesses that are also a part of the Chamber!

Bring It On Movie Ain’t Got Nothing On Essential Oils

bring it on movie

Oh it’s already been brought! ?? The Bring It On Movie ain’t go nothing on essential oils!

Fabulous Natural Bug Repellent

Natural Bug Repellent

Bugs can be really annoying in the summertime and TerraShield is a great outdoor solution for all those flying bugs around my head and body!??? This natural bug repellent is fabulous!

Shaving Oil To Help You Recover Quickly From Nicks

shaving oil

Helichrysum is such a great shaving oil for skin recovery and I love this oil so much! ???

Ease Discomfort After Getting Your Ears Pierced

getting your ears pierced

For the ladies out there that have a hard time finding a pair of earrings that don’t bother your ears, there’s a natural solution that has helped a lot of people out there!? You can ease discomfort after getting your ears pierced!

VYP White Hot Event At LAVO With Christian, Franisha And Lance

lavo restaurant 8

Had an amazing time hosting the Vegas Young Professionals White Hot Event at LAVO Casio Club and Restaurant!

VYP White Hot Event At LAVO With Thomas, River, And Lance

lavo restaurant 7

Had an amazing time hosting the Vegas Young Professionals White Hot Event at LAVO Casio Club and Restaurant!

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