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Hi Friends! My name is Lance and I help people improve their health and accomplish their goals with natural solutions.

Massive doTERRA VS Young Living Rewards Program Savings

doterra vs young living rewards program

On top of all the savings above, you can earn a free product of the month and earn free oils as a part of quarterly specials with each company. When you replace what’s in your home with natural solutions and take advantage of the Rewards Program, you save a ton of moolah and get even more in value!

Marvelous doTERRA VS Young Living Essential Oil Kits

doterra vs young living essential oil kits

An essential oil kit like the ones mentioned above come with a good variety of oils that address most health priorities. Once you know how to use your oils with a free wellness consult, you are on your way to health success!

Exceptional doTERRA VS Young Living Starter Kits

doterra vs young living starter kits

Before you start with a kit, you want to choose someone that you know, like, and trust to go with. You don’t want to go with the first person you see locally or online, but making sure they match your values and provide excellent customer service are some other things to consider.

Outstanding doTERRA VS Young Living Beginners Kit

doterra vs young living beginners kit

The main 3 factors you should consider before starting with a kit is your health priorities, your budget, and your timing. Once you know these, then go with someone that you know, like, and trust will be important to make sure you have the most positive experience.

Top 3 doTERRA VS Young Living Ways To Buy

doterra vs young living ways to buy

There are 3 main ways to get started with doTERRA or Young Living and each method has it’s pros and cons. The key is the find out the option that is most beneficial for you and your family and work with someone that will provide excellent customer service.

Fascinating doTERRA VS Young Living Quality Difference

doterra vs young living quality

doTERRA focuses on partnering with farmers where the oils are indigenously grown which is beneficial from a chemical constituent standpoint. Young Living focuses on owning more of their farms and controlling the growing and distillations process which is beneficial from a different standpoint.

Fantastic doTERRA VS Young Living Foundations Overview

doterra vs young living foundations

Giving back to the community is mentioned a lot, but to see essential oil companies giving back to the communities that provide the essential oils to you and me plus other areas means a lot. It provides a reciprocal give and take relationship that improves everyone’s quality of life.

Terrific doTERRA VS Young Living Headquarters Overview

doterra vs young living headquarters

If you are taking a vacation in the Utah area or going to the Young Living or doTERRA convention, then you definitely want to check out one or both of these headquarter locations. This will give you an idea of the people, culture, and oil experiences that help to change millions of people’s lives everyday.

Great doTERRA VS Young Living Founders Overview

doterra vs young living founders

The top 2 essential oil companies in the industry from a size standpoint got their start with humble beginnings and have grown to billion dollar companies that now help millions of people worldwide. It’s so cool to see how the natural solutions and essential oil movement is expanding everyday!

How To Get Started With doTERRA Andorra

Going with someone that you know, like, and trust will be important when you get your essential oils retail or wholesale. Looking for someone that will provide you with excellent customer service will also be important from a attitude and response time standpoint as well!

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