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Hi Friends! My name is Lance and I help people improve their health and accomplish their goals with natural solutions.

Top 5 doTERRA Diamond Kit Solutions For Mental Clarity

doterra diamond kit solutions for mental clarity

You want to go with someone that you know, like, and trust when it comes to an essential oil kit. This will allow you to have the most positive experience especially if they focus on providing excellent customer service including their response time and attitude.

Best doTERRA Essential Collection Kit In Malaysia

doterra essential collection kit malaysia

An essential oil kit allows you to be prepared for life’s little emergencies by having natural solutions within arm’s reach. The Essential Collection Kit is a great place to start if you live in Malaysia and the good news is that there’s a few other kits to choose from too!

Why The Vivint Smart Home Arena Is So Jazzy πŸ˜‚

vivint smart home arena

The Vivint Smart Home Arena is home to the Utah Jazz and hosted a lot of other teams in it’s hay day. I love going there once a year to doTERRA’s convention and it’s truly a magical place filled with 30,000+ essential oil enthusiasts! It’s like the largest aromatherapy human diffuser display, lol!

How To Achieve The doTERRA Director Rank

doterra director rank

Anything worth doing takes time and your focus should always be on education and understanding. doTERRA is a product education based company focused on teaching and sharing (i.e. Authentic network marketing) and NOT recruiting and selling (like with Traditional network marketing).

Best Malaysia Solutions For Weight Management

doterra malaysia solutions for weight management

The key to reaching your ideal weight comes down to knowing what causes healthy and unhealthy gains or drops in your weight. Some factors include your stress levels, metabolism, insulin levels, thyroid function, and hormones.

How To Achieve The doTERRA Manager Rank

doterra manager rank

Developing your “Why” is going to be one of the keys to your success since it creates a mental bridge of where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

Top 5 doTERRA Diamond Kit Solutions For Sleep

doterra diamond kit solutions for sleep

Essential oils can enhance your quality of life but are not a replacement for sleep. Making sure that you get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night and “catch up” if that wasn’t the case is going to ensure your mind and body have enough time to repair, regenerate, and heal itself throughout the night.

Top 3 doTERRA Malaysia Solutions For Metabolism

doterra malaysia solutions for metabolism

You can improve your metabolism with some natural oils and supplements from doTERRA if you live in Malaysia. The effectiveness of these will be increased when you eat more live and whole foods and cut out as many processed foods as possible.

Astonishing Bemer Therapy And Birch Oil Benefits

bemer therapy and birch oil

Bemer therapy and essential oils have many synergistic benefits when combined together. They both help you on a cellular level and combine the best of what technology and nature have to offer!

How To Get Started As A doTERRA Wholesale Customer

doterra wholesale customer

A Wholesale customer is a great option for you if you want to order essential oils and products at a discount and live more of a lifestyle of wellness. This is the most popular way to get started with doTERRA and is what I recommend most for people looking for natural solutions.

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