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Hi Friends! My name is Lance and I help people improve their health and accomplish their goals with natural solutions.

Great Doula And Mental Health Therapist Overview – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 14)

mental health therapist and doula

Check out this video on how Kaleigh uses her background as a Mental Health Therapist to help people as a Doula.

How Becoming A Doula Was Life Changing – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 13)

becoming a doula

Watch this video from Kaleigh on how becoming a doula changed her life!

How Much Does A Doula Cost? – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 12)

how much does a doula cost

Learn how much does a doula cost in this video so you can help you and your baby make the best transition to birth!

How A Doula Can Help With Your Birth Philosophy – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 11)

doula birth philosophy

Check out this video with Kaleigh Mancha as she talks about her birth philosophy a little bit and how you can develop yours

How To Find A Doula – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 10)

find a doula

Watch this video on how to Find a Doula in Las Vegas, your area, or online!

Awesome Doula Training Overview – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 9)

doula training

Learn about what type of Doula Training that Kaleigh went through and how you or someone you know that could benefit for all of that!

Best Midwife VS Doctor Overview – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 8)

midwife vs doctor

Learn about the difference between a midwife vs doctor and how a doula can assist with the birthing process.

What Does A Doula Do – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 7)

what does a doula do

What does a doula do? Make sure to watch this video on all the things that a doula can do to help with your birthing process!

Who Benefits Most From Having A Doula – Kaleigh Mancha Interview (Part 6)

who benefits from having a doula

Check out the video where Kaleigh talks about who benefits most from having a doula and how they can help you!

Thank You For Helping Me Reach 1000 Youtube Subscribers ✌😍

1000 youtube subscribers

I’m am super thankful for you watching my videos for the first time or for being a part of my Day 1 crew! This has been a fun journey and I look forward to helping many more people in the future with fun and educational content!

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