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Hi Friends! My name is Lance and I help people improve their health and accomplish their goals with natural solutions.

How To Handle doTERRA VS Young Living Haters (Part 1)

doterra vs young living haters part 1

Presuppositions, cognitive dissonance, and confirmation bias are all things that should be considered when you discuss doTERRA or Young Living with others in order to be more self aware and objective.

Terrific doTERRA VS Young Living Farms Overview

doterra vs young living farms

doTERRA and Young Living utilize farms all over the world to source their oils from and vary in their percentage of corporately owned farms and partner farms.

Monumental doTERRA VS Young Living Convention 2017

doterra vs young living convention 2017

I’ve been going to the doTERRA Convention since November September 2014 and it has been a life changing experience. I nearly cry every year that I go from all the stories! If you are new to each company or already a wholesale member, I highly recommend going this year or in the future!

Sensational doTERRA VS Young Living Supplements For 2nd Month Order

doterra vs young living supplements for 2nd month order

Choosing the right supplements for your 2nd month order as wholesale member on the rewards program for doTERRA or Young Living is the best way to develop a lifestyle of wellness and has helped me be more proactive with my health priorities!

Incredible doTERRA VS Young Living App Overview

doterra vs young living app

Downloading the doTERRA app or visiting the Young Living website from your phone are two great ways to get a lot of value out of your wholesale membership. Apps allow you a easier to use interface and are convenient when you’re on the go or in your home.

Delightful doTERRA VS Young Living Incentive Programs

doterra vs young living incentive programs

doTERRA and Young Living offer you some great opportunities to reward you for growing your customer base and for helping your builders do the same. These rewards can come in the form of free oils, prizes, travel reimbursement, and hitting new ranks!

Astonishing doTERRA VS Young Living Website Overview

doterra vs young living website

The doTERRA VS Young Living website comparison will help you understand the product offerings that each company has so you can have a better idea of what’s really going on.   Did You Know? The doTERRA and Young Living websites…

Best doTERRA VS Young Living Overview (Part 2)

doterra vs young living overview part 2

doTERRA and Young Living are the 2 largest essential oil companies in the world and help millions of people everyday to improve their health with natural solutions. You want to make sure to work with someone that you know, like, and trust to ensure you have the most positive experience.

Inspirational doTERRA VS Young Living Income Opportunity

doterra vs young living income opportunity

The main thing to keep in mind is that your income is directly tied to the amount of people you help. The focus should always be on education and understanding and NOT recruiting and selling. When you help enough people get what they want, then you can get what you want.

Top 6 doTERRA VS Young Living Ranks

doterra vs young living ranks

The doTERRA vs Young Living ranks are similar with the rank names, but it takes more volume to hit the corresponding ranks in Young Living. The best way to look at the income you earn should be based on the number of people you help and the value that you offer for helping people improve their health.

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